Word for 2022

For the last few years, I have participated in the one word for the year.

I have spent quite a bit of time choosing a word. At first, there were two which stood out to me: Act and Brave. 

There are many things I have dreamed up and wanted to do but never acted on. My husband or my friends can tell you about this. I could blame many things but truthfully I am scared. Imposter syndrome is tough to deal with. However, I am learning to deal with it and tune it out.  

I began to form my post in my head of my one word (or two words) for the year. I usually start the idea of a post in my head and get to paper or my computer as soon as I can. I grabbed my journal to write down the ideas I had and my mind sorta just washes the ideas away. Now I have no word for the year. This hasn’t happened to me before and I am not sure how to take it.  

I take to what helps my brain to get the creative juices flowing: podcasts, reading, and just writing. As I am listening, one word keeps popping up in most of them. After hearing it again, I write it down and start listing how this word could help me focus on what I want to do this year. 

I hear this quote which seals the deal for me: “The creative process is not simply about what is being made. It’s entirely a mystical process that teaches us how to move between the eternal world of the soul and the physical world outside.” Christi Johnson. 


This word holds so much I want to do this year. So much I want to create and bring into everyday life. Create things which have been living in my head for so long. Create opportunities for me to bring joy to people. Create art. Create the big scary things I have wanted but never thought I was good enough. Create whatever I can dream this year. 

I hope you will create with me this year. Do you have a word of your own for 2022? I can’t wait to hear about it! 

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