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New Year of Discover

January 1st is here in full force. The year is still a clean slate but not for very long. My mom has always said whatever you are doing on the 1st is what you will be doing the rest of the year. I am traveling to pick up my Glitter with Hubby while writing. If what my mom says is true, then this year will be full of moving, family and words.

With today being the beginning of the year, I would also like to share my word for reminding me what goals I want to tackle and overcome. This time I would like to talk about last year’s word and what I did. 2016’s word for me was “make.” Last year many people said it was a bad year however for me it was a good one. There were many decisions and goals to make and overcome. The big one for me was to make my health a main issue. In past years, I have attempted to change my weight, eating habits or my exercise goal without any success. 2016 changed that for me. I had/have some health issues which caused me to make the changes to be a healthier me. I have lost over twenty pounds, 2 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes. I have no plans on stopping with those twenty pounds.

With the changes in place to be a healthier me, I set a goal of 25 miles extra walked. I started this in October but came up short with a total of 10.87 miles. I was honest and posted the results and asked for help to make my goal for November. I could have had just stayed down but I made the same goal and beat it with 25.43 miles.

There were other things which went along with my “make” theme but I didn’t update like I thought I did.

2017’s word had me puzzled for a few days. I asked Hubby to help me think of words and we came up with quite a list of words. I stewed on them for a few days and one just kept coming back to me after talks with my mom and friends. “Discover.” This word may not seem like much but to me it keeps nagging at me. I am not sure if you have ever clicked on my “About Alicia” page but it is blank. I just haven’t found the words to describe myself. I could use words like: mother, wife, daughter, friend but I feel there is much more to me than those. I am not saying I am not proud to be any of those but rather it is time I figure out who I am without those words. I need to discover new things about me.

I welcome you to join me on this journey of discovering and share your thoughts on your word for the year.

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