Chasing Snow in Arkansas

It is not often my part of Arkansas is predicted to get snow. If we do, normally it is less than an inch and will not stick to the ground. I had wanted to get out to explore more in Arkansas but with the threat of snow and the temperatures dropping, I wasn’t sure how much we could get. Hubby suggested we go chase snow since we weren’t sure how much snow would make it to us. Added bonus, he said he would drive since he knows how to drive in snow. 

We ended up around Albert Pike Recreation Area outside of Langley Arkansas. If you haven’t been, I would suggest a visit. There are some great places to fish, we even saw people fly fishing while it was snowing, swim, and spend the day. You can no longer camp in this area due to flash flooding which caused the loss of life and damage.

I want to go ahead and point out some of these are going to look grainy. It is the snow falling between my camera and the subject. I am hoping to go chasing snow more to get more practice of taking snow pictures. However, let’s go chase some snow! 

Snow trees
These dark trees with the white snow made for an interesting contrast. The trees in the background have a fuzzy quality to them. On normal days, you can see all the trees, well between the foliage, and see how some of them line up. This view though is how I view snowy days in my head. The dreamy quality of the picture is what makes me think of cold, wind blowing, snow falling on winter day.
Snow on road
This is just one view from driving up and down. I don’t know if most would call this a mountain but from the near flatland in Arkansas where we live, these are mountains. We didn’t see many people out and about along these roads so the snow coverage was a bit more. It also provided for some great pictures. Again with the dreamy, fuzzy quality of the trees in the background but also the foreground trees holding snow on one side plus the road with snow covering, was the main reason I wanted to grab this shot. You can still see the snow coming in the background but it is less grainy in the foreground. 
Snow on rocks
Just below where this picture cuts off is a stream or creek which runs down the side of this mountain. It wasn’t frozen over when we went through here. I got out to get this picture and I could still hear the sounds of the stream. I wish I would have gotten a video but I was focused on not getting my camera wet any more than I had. We made another pass through and the rocks gathered even more snow. 
Deer crossing snowy road
We were getting ready to leave and head back home because we started getting snow there. As we started around the curve, I told Hubby there were deer on the side of the road so he would be aware of them. I was able to get several shots of the deer crossing the highway but this one is the one I liked. Yes the grainy look is back because there was a lot of little snow falling between us but this is one of those chances you don’t pass up. Yes, deer are a normal thing for us to see but again the snow and the deer is what makes this picture. 

If you can chase snow safely, I highly suggest chasing the snow. It was an amazing experience for us. 

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