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Adventure to Peebles Farm

This year for my birthday, I asked my Hubby if we could please go to a pumpkin patch because hello, Fall is the start of favorite time of the year. I sent him a couple which were here in Arkansas and he suggested we go to Peebles Farm. So the trip was planned and I can’t wait to share with you all.

Rows of Sunflowers
The Sunflower field here is huge!! There were so many people but as you can see, there was enough room for everyone. We had enough time for us to take lots of photos and not run into anyone. There were also a few spots inside the rows to take pictures with sunflowers surrounding you. All the happy honey bees were working over time to gather lots of pollen. You can catch a peek at one on my Instagram.
Zinnias in sunlight
The sun was super bright on our trip which made it difficult to take photos. Some like this one have a lot of bright light on them but they still are so pretty I can’t help but share. As you can tell the honey bees like these flowers as well. The colors were so vivid and ranged from these to oranges to pinks. These are called Zinnias. These were smaller patch of flowers but still enough we were able to work around others.
Girl in pumpkin patch
Glitter is still being amazing and letting me take all the pictures of her. This is only the edge of a huge 60 acre u pick pumpkin patch. This is the biggest pumpkin farm I have been to and it didn’t disappoint. You can pick your own in this field or you can choose from ones they have close to the entrance. Do yourself the favor and grab one. Glitter loved seeing the big, medium, and small ones. She had a hard time picking just one so she came home with two. I came home with three which are currently sitting on the steps to my house doing their duty of looking amazing!! As you can tell from this picture there are so many photo ops right in the pumpkin patch which will for sure make great photos. The patch is also right beside the corn maze. That is a whole other experience. (You should set aside about an hour to do the maze.)
mid aged women pointing at a big pumpkin
I am not much on this side of the camera but when big prizewinner pumpkins are involved I will! This big one would fit into my lap and then some. It doesn’t look as big but trust me, he is a chunky boy!

If you visit one pumpkin farm this year, I hope you will consider this one. Peebles is on the top of our list! There are so many different things to do you will want to check our their website for the complete list. Are you a Pumpkin farm fan or do you pass on them? Share in the comments!

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