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Focusing Through The Lens: Week 26

Guess what?! We have made it half a year with this series. I am so excited to have had this chance and how much I have grown in my skills as a photographer. Have you checked any of the other weeks of the series? Here are a couple of my favorite ones. Week 7, 11, 16, 23. This week we are taking a walk around Texarkana. This was a spur of the moment trip to get get out and walk about for us. I hope you enjoy what we are focusing through my lens.

stone gate
This is at one of the entrances to Spring Lake Park in Texarkana. We like this park due to the amount of walking you are able to do the lake/pond and all the wildlife. This stone tower I am guessing is more than decorative but I seem to come up with a new story every time I see it. One of the most common ones involves an old lady who doesn’t have time for everyone’s nonsense and only comes out after the park is empty to hang out with the ducks, geese, birds, and squirrels.
This is one part of the walking path around the lake/pond. There is a paved road around the area but then this brick path beckons you to take a slower stroll right by the water. Yeah I know the water isn’t the prettiest but it is still very peaceful to just be able to enjoy a stroll and enjoy the lapping of the water.
This is downtown Texarkana in the historic district. The arts center is the big building in the back. It is majestic in its old glory! The big grand windows stare out to you trying to invite you in. Come in and share what your soul is singing. And the letters are the abbreviation of Texarkana. The yellow bar out there in the grass is going to come up next. However the art along the wall is all done by local people.
stuff in concrete
The yellow bar is hanging out above all these neat things which have been put into cement. Unfortunately some of the items have been stolen over time. You can see some of the items like the old sheers, spikes, nails, skeleton key, and brick. Some of the other things you can’t see is old post office box, old apple computer, and replica of money. (I think. Some of the stuff was very cloudy and hard to see.) Seeing the history was very neat and Glitter even learned a thing or two.

Thank you for taking this walk with me. We hope to go find some of the murals in downtown Texarkana soon. When we do, I will do a post about them like the one of the murals of Hope. Have you been to downtown Texarkana yet? Or is it on your list of places to visit?

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