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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 27

This week we are going on a tiny adventure. I say tiny because we made an escape to a couple of flea markets I have been wanting to visit for a little while. While we were out, I was able to talk Hubby into taking us to play in one of Arkansas’ many rivers. We started in Caddo Valley at a flea market, which from the outside doesn’t look like much, in a metal building. We just happened to find it about two years ago on an accident. Since our next stop was in Glenwood, we made the jump to Norman. The most popular thing is most likely the tiny library which also has tourist information. So grab your towel, sunblock, river shoes and let’s get going.

River in Arkansas
This is the middle of Caddo River in Norman. Everywhere we went, there were so many people. It is Summer which means people are floating the rivers and doing lots of fishing. We have always had lots of luck finding this spot which doesn’t have any people around. Glitter and I were able to play in the water for about thirty minutes and never saw anyone.
Old house
This was down one of the many back roads we traveled. The windows have been boarded up from maybe the elements. The lovely bay windows look so lonely all boarded up. Also can you imagine all the stories this old home could tell? I think it would be neat if I could have seen inside of the house. Hopefully someone is going to restore this place.
fawn flowers
This was right on the edge of the Caddo River. I have been wanting to grab a picture of these Fern Tree flowers. I keep driving past these on my way to work and home. I also keep saying I was going to stop on the side of the road and shoot them. However, something kept coming up. So when we found these I asked Hubby to help me get them. He pulled the branch closer so I would not have to stand out on the ledge.
Old church
This is just down the road from where I live. I have lived in my house for 10 years now and this place has not had church in it. As the years have turned, the building has been slowly falling apart. However, the beauty of the decay is very hypnotic. This is one one of the buildings which is falling into disrepair I love to photograph during each season. The other one sadly has been torn down. One day, I hope to go up to this building and look on the inside.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk through my lens. Do you have a favorite picture from this week? Do have something you like to look at each season? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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