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Focusing Through The Lens: Week 16

I promised the series would be back and today is the day! I haven’t stopped photographing just kind of lost track of time. So I will be catching y’all up in the next coming weeks. We have been also busy doing lots of adventures in Arkansas which I hope to get on here soon. So without further ado here we go!

We went to Garvan Gardens as an early Christmas present for Glitter. For presents this year, we decided to gift experiences instead of physical gifts. This was our family’s first time going and we had no clue what was in store for us.

This was on the entrance/exit of the garden area. The lights really shined on the way out. When we arrived, it was the tail end of daylight but as the night wore on the lights and colors popped.
My friend allowed me to borrow her 50 mm lens for a little while and I couldn’t pass up the chance to snag a few pictures I would normally wouldn’t take. This was some garland with lights running around the edge of a walk way.
This wreath was so big I had a little trouble getting everything lined up without getting other parts of the wall I didn’t want to photograph. I didn’t want to use my phone because I wanted a high resolution photograph. In the end, I love the way this turned out.
The way some people were able to capture the bokeh has always made me a little jealous because I couldn’t figure it how to make it happen. Well, it turns out I had the wrong lens and needed a little training. Y’all this might have been my background all Christmas season. I love it and can’t wait to try some more.

I know there wasn’t much talk about actual trip but never fear, I will be sharing about the trip soon. Do you have a memory of a trip to Garvan Gardens or is it on your wish list? I can’t wait to hear which picture is your favorite.

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