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Murals of Hope Arkansas

Every once and a while, we like to play tourist in our town. There are so many neat things to do and see here in our little town. Recently we decided to see some of the murals around town. I knew there were a couple but once we got looking around it became evident there are more than I first thought.

This is on the side off one of our local restaurants.It started out on a Tex-Mex place and has been kept up with the paint. It makes the perfect back drop of what our town is trying to do. Also a great reminder that each one of us can plant seeds of Hope.
Our little town was based on the placement of the Railroad, as it tends to be most small towns. The story goes the town was name after a railroad executive’s daughter named: Hope Loughborough. Of course our town has to have at least one Train mural and we have this great one. It also faces the main line which also serves as an Amtrak stop.
This is part of a window painting. I am not sure you would call it a mural but it has been on this downtown building for the last three years. I love how it has been added to and edited instead of cleaning off after the event it was made for.
This is the other side of the window display. I am not sure the connection of the singing Nun but she intrigues me.
This is the last part of the window display. It shows some of the most famous people who are from Hope. I am sure you can recognize one or two. But I will tell you who they are from left to right: Bill Clinton, Patsy Montana, Ketty Lester, and Mike Huckabee.
This is a new addition to our murals. This is on the side of one of the many family owned businesses here in town. The bottom is updated with the different events which are happening around town.
This one is very interesting. It has clay pieces with make up the tree and it is on sheets of plywood. There are faces as well.
This is the whole mural. There is no information on this but it is amazing. I am not sure the age of this mural but it is very unique.
Flower mural
This mural just got a facelift. The Southwest Arkansas Council had this made. They are becoming very active in our community. They are currently supporting an event called 4th Thursday Sip and Slip away. What makes this so cool is it is not just paint. Instead they have used different materials to make this such a neat mural.
Metal part of a mural
Metal parts of the background flowers.
Sunflower middle part of mural.
Old cement pieces which are now part of the Sunflowers.
Glass beads in middle of purple flowers.
Glass beads which are now the inside of purple flowers.

These pictures don’t do these great murals justice. This is just one of the many things you should come see here and don’t forget to let me know when you make it to town!

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