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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 23

This week we are going on a little walk in one of my favorite state parks, Historic Washington State Park. Actually, my friend Keisha messaged me and said I should head to the park because it was in full bloom. Well minus the Magnolia tree. Glitter just had her 13th birthday so this was also a perfect time to take her out to let her shoot. So let’s go on a walk focusing through the lens at Historic Washington State park.

Old fashion Tea Roses in pink almost blooming
There is something magical about flowers on the cusp of blooming. You are able to freeze them in this state for all time. which allows you to enjoy whenever. Really I think this is why I love to take photos to save moments in time to savor long after it has passed.
These beauties are just on the other side of the fence from the first picture. These lovely Tea Roses have all the wow factor without the overwhelming rose smell. Fun fact, the smell of roses make me nauseous. The varied shades of pink against the green background really makes these pop.
You can give me a field of clover any day! The simplicity lends to the beauty of the clover. They also make amazing “blankets” to fields or to backyards as you can see here. Clover also holds a special place in my heart from childhood. We spent countless hours making clover crowns for each other. Have you ever made clover crowns or have a childhood memory of them?
These Irises are on my list to shoot every year and I usually end up with about 20 pictures of them. The contrast of the dark/light purple makes this such a fun flower.The savor these beautiful creations I always try to make sure i get shots of the bud in it’s end phases before it blossoms and also shots after it has bloomed.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk through Historic Washington State Park. Looking for some more on the park? More flowers here and we will be enjoying a tour soon (even though I use to work there) to share this great park with y’all.

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