Arkansas Adventures: Little Grand Canyon

Welcome to the next adventure in Arkansas. This trips we are going to the “big” city of Bluff City/Chidester. We are going to the Little Grand Canyon of Southwest Arkansas.

Directions: take I-30 to Gurdon. Jump on Hwy 53 South. Turn left on Hwy 24 and turn on HWY 332. You don’t want to go to White Oak, but lower White Oak area. You will need to drive over a levee to get to the parking spot. You will think you are driving into the woods but don’t worry you are right where you should be. Being from SW Arkansas, I am not bothered at all about driving into the woods.

I promise that dirt area is the “parking lot.” You are going to want to wear comfortable shoes. I wore rubber boots along with Glitter and Hubby. It had just rained and we thought it would be super muddy. As it turns out we didn’t need rubber boots but they came in handy to get into the water. Grab your phone, camera, water and bug spray and go find what is out there.

When we arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect but the amazing views did not disappoint. I spent so much time just sitting on the cliff enjoying the water’s view. It was quite, peaceful, and really helped my soul feel full. I promise there are pictures to go along with this.

The water was rushing pretty good as you can tell. You are also able to walk a bit out into the water. We were wearing our rubber boots.
Little Grand Canyon Cliffs
This little part of the cliff allowed you to see the river running through here and a place to sit to enjoy the view.
Cliff sides
These cliffs are amazing how they have been carved out. The rich mineral deposits are on display.
Cliff view
This is another view from the cliff I sat. As you can tell the view is very peaceful and relaxing.

I hope you enjoyed this Arkansas Adventure. If you are looking for more Arkansas Adventures you can click here to check out some of ours. DeGray Lake or Garvan Gardens.

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