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Focusing Through The Lens: Week 21

Hey y’all! We have made it to another Wednesday which means we are off for a walk focusing through my lens! This week we are going on a bit of trip. A couple of weekends ago, we drove to the Little Grand Canyon of Arkansas just down the road from White Oak State Park. You can read about our trip here. I wanted to share some of the amazing views here on our weekly walk through the lens. Grab a comfy pair of shoes and let’s go!

Little Grand canyon
This is from the other side of the Little Grand Canyon. The main river part can be found on our adventure here. This part is just as fun as the river side. On this side there was a bit more woods and hiking, but we did find some neat things like this. This was like a little version of some of the big cliffs on the spillway side of the Canyon.
Water at little Grand Canyon
You can see the extra mineral deposits in this little stream. All these little runs were full because it had just rained a lot. As we followed this, it took us to a path which ran beside the river after it looped back around.
I was super excited to get out there and explore. My rubber boots came in handy to allow us to go everywhere we wanted to.
Photographer in the making
This has to be my favorite part of the day. Glitter has taken an interest in photography. She and I shared my camera throughout the day. I was able to grab this picture of her taking a picture of something she found amazing. These are memories I hope she will remember as she looks back on her childhood.

Our trip to the Little Grand Canyon was full of water, hiking, wonderful views, and memories. If you haven’t gone, you should go and make sure you check out both sides of the Little Grand Canyon.

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