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De Gray Lake

When I found out there was a four day weekend coming up for me, I jumped at the chance to take Glitter, her friend (my bonus) daughter and Hubby camping. We had booked Petit Jean State Park but decided to change plans to stay down in SW Arkansas and stay at De Gray Lake State Park. One of the main reasons was all the flooding was happening with the Arkansas River.

We had been to De Gray seven years before but were not able to stay the whole time. The winter that year was really mild and of course I thought let’s go camping. We were still using a tent at that time. Hubby did think ahead and brought extra blankets even though it had been warm. Y’all, Winter came during the day and stayed. We tried to stay but thought it would be better to go home where it was warm. (I was very cold and everyone else was super warm.) The only thing we did during the trip besides try to stay warm was eat hot dogs over a campfire.

Campfire Hot dogs

This time we went the weather was much warmer and less bone chilling. The biggest plus was Blue Rose and not using a tent to sleep in. Y’all I am getting older and hate the idea of sleeping on the ground. Let’s also say, I may be from the South but I don’t do heat very well. This means the use of an a/c is a must for me. I love the outdoors but I like the creature comforts as well.

Blue Rose

This spot at De Gray was amazing! It was shaded most of the day. The morning sun filtering through the trees was just about the only sun we experienced at the camp site. Also the concrete driveway/rv site was a nice touch. We did not need to level the camper much which made for a quick set up and no frustration. We was able to book from the website. This makes it so easy to check to see if the date is available. The cost per night for a water/30 AMP site is only $22 plus tax. There are also AAA campsites which are water/50 AMP with sewage. We were able to cook outside on a provided grill and of course the fire ring was used every night. There is just something amazing about having a campfire even in the Summer heat.

Fire ring at camp site

Most of the trip for me was spent crocheting, reading and letting the girls play in the lake. Hubby spent the trip reading and cooking.

We arrived too late to go swimming the first night but the girls still were able to have fun behind the lodge wading into the lake. The lake is open to the public and campers. There are also picnic tables at the Lake for day use. The lodge does have a pool, hot tub, and a fitness center.

Girls wadding into lake

Our second and third day were spent swimming for the majority of the days. We opted out of the activities the park offered. However, if you go I would highly suggest the sunset or night cruise on the lake. There is minimum cost to this special programming. The sunsets were amazing while we were there. Also bring some water toys, the girls only brought floats and got bored with them fairly quickly.

Floating in watermelons

Shells from the lake

This was another way the girls kept themselves busy. They dived for a few hours but they didn’t keep them. After bringing us about half a pound and they threw the shells back into the lake to make sure we didn’t take anything but pictures and memories from the park.

Don’t worry if you forget the fixings for s’mores because the gift shop has you covered. The girls and Hubby really enjoyed their s’mores while we soaked up how quite and peaceful the camp area was.

S'mores for days

De Gray is on our must return to parks. Next time we will be doing more of the activities and bringing the fishing poles.

Do you have an Arkansas State Park on your list to go visit? Tell me about it in the comments!

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