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Focusing Through The Lens: Week 20

This week we are taking a walk through the Jonquils at Historic Washington State Park. This walk has a short window because Jonquils have a limited time before they start fading. Also the Jonquil Festival is just around the corner. So let’s put on our walking shoes and go smell some flowers.

jonquils with fence
Jonquils bring so many memories to mind. Every Spring, they would pop up and I would be the first of us three girls racing to the field to bring my Momma some back. They were also a sight to see when they started blooming in empty fields. It wasn’t until many years later I learned where they bloomed in open fields usually signified where an old house was once built. They also remind me of love. This was taken where Hubby took me on one of our first dates and also where we got married, Historic Washington State Park in Washington Arkansas.
Jonquils with barn
These beauties were hanging out behind William’s Tavern in Washington. There were in big bunches of these big bold flowers. You can see these bunches while driving down the road.
lone jonquil
When I saw this little lopsided flower, I thought of the saying about how flowers doesn’t compare it just blooms. This is something I try to remember all the time. Like most of y’all I am sure we have compared ourselves and journary to others. This is little flower didn’t give up because one petal is missing instead it bloomed to become what it is. This is a great reminder we will bloom/grow/become who we are suppose to be if we don’t compare.
kitty pets
Down by the Cotton Gin there is a place called The Coulter Farmstead. It has some really neat places to stay and also have weddings. They also have some really lovely Jonquils along their fence row. This friendly little feline, came and demanded pets from me. To keep kitty out of my shots, I had to pet with one hand while I snapped with the other hand.
Jonqils along the fence
This is the fence row at the Coulter Farmstead. These beauties were all line up pretty along the row and I just couldn’t let them go by without being shared. I wish it wasn’t so wet when I was able to shoot them because it kept me from being able to shoot them from the end of row. This section is a great example of what the whole row was doing.

Thank you for taking a walk through the flowers with me. I enjoy our walks and hope you do too! Don’t forget to share which photo you liked in the comments.

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