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Three Months into 2022: Word update

If you don’t remember the word I chose for the year, you can click this link to read. I wanted to share how I have been working with this word since I have been quiet on this front. So grab a drink and get comfy while I share my word for 2022 update.

I have been working on finding out what the word: Create means to me. Does it mean, create to find a way out of my job? Do I create just to bring myself joy? Do I create to bring joy to others? What is my relationship to this word?

Well I have decided to create for the joy of it. I miss creating just to create and see what comes. Just because something is done doesn’t mean it must bring income. I have lost sight of this on my part and would like to create again.

Here are a few ways I have being creating for the joy of creating.

  1. Junk Journaling
  2. Taking pictures
  3. Making a weekly spread for journal
  4. Reading more

If you are not familiar with junk journaling, think of it as scrapbooking with no purpose. Or this is how I think of it. I have been seeing some TikToks of this and loved the idea. A little secret of mine is, I am a semi hoarder of craft supplies with the dream of becoming a full time creator of things. Which means I have the supplies on hand for junk journaling. Here are a couple of examples of what I have done.

Second thing is taking pictures. I know this seems odd because I share pictures with y’all all the time, however, by this I mean taking pictures just to take picture of what catches my eye. Here is a great example. I was walking up to a friend’s house and the street light gave a great shadow of myself. This made me pause and snag a picture just because I thought it was neat.

Shadow of person

The weekly spread is similar to the junk journaling but it helps me keep things on a weekly basis. Which in turns also helps me stick to a meal plan to keep us on track.

As for reading more, I had gotten stuck in a rut wanting to read but coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t be reading and instead doing all the things. This was only helping me stay in a creative rut. I also started reading anything including a light read or two. As I read, I start to have ideas pop into my head and I grab my little book to pop them in. The poor thing now has book binding tape on the corners and the spine since it is always with me.

So now you know how I am figure out my word of the year: create. I hope to bring you more ways I am learning to use this word. I can’t wait to go on this journey together. Which way do you feel drawn to? Or would like to know more about? Tell me in the comments!

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