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Meet Blue Rose the Pop Up Camper

Hubby and I have been looking at campers for a while and by us I really mean me. I really think when I got started with the idea Hubby was less than thrilled. He was the voice of reason reminding me about the reality of the cost of owning a camper. At this point, the thought of owning one was out the window. I had never considered taxes, license, repairs, decorating, and just general upkeep. I decided maybe when we get older a camper would be sitting in our yard. Did I give up looking at camper? No! I just kept looking and of course following some camper accounts on Instagram.


Then one day Hubby calls me in the middle of the work day. I don’t know about you but I automatically think something bad has happened. (Thanks Mom.) Instead he says hey I found a camper. It is a pop up but I think this would be perfect for us. What?! I was thrilled. He said it was right down the road from his work and we could look at it when we took Glitter Bug to my parents.  As the day ticked along, I was excited about going to see this camper but then got busy at work.  On our way, down to my parents we forget to look due to us talking. On the way, back it was way too late to stop and look at a camper in someone’s yard. Finally, on Sunday, we stop and snap a picture of the contact information. Hubby said he would call tomorrow.

Everything was set and it was Monday evening when we went to look at the pop up. Glitter Bug was with us and she was so excited we had to play the quite game. Once we got there, the gentleman who was selling the pop up came outside and met with us and opened up the camper. When we first saw it we just knew this is what we have been waiting on. Now if you are wanting to negotiate the asking price I do not suggest taking a kid with you. Glitter Bug was over the moon about the pop up. She kept telling us we must have this camper. It is just perfect for us and it even was the right color. Yeah not the best negotiation weapon. Hubby is better at this sort of things than me and Glitter Bug. He took over the talking and found out that the pull outs had just been replaced. We left with a promise to contact them by the end of the week.

Y’all let me tell you, I was sitting on pins and needles all week. I kept bugging Hubby to call the guy back and just make a deal. Hubby just reminded me he left the message by the end of the week. Finally, on a Thursday our pop up camper came home.

Now began the fun of stripping the camper bare and giving it a huge clean. Night after night for almost two weeks we spent taking things out of the camper, stripping the beds, and using lots of disinfect spray. As of now our camper is just a shell. No beds pads, no curtains, nothing. As I am trying to find pads for the beds, I realized we would have to reuse some of the items. Thank goodness, we spray the pads with disinfect spray and bed bug spray. Then the pads spent the day out in the bright sun to be brought back inside in the evening. The next big task was making curtains. Here is where I have to say I have a lot of fabric but don’t really sew. I pulled all my fabric out and we spent the rest of the night picking out which patterns and colors we wanted. In the end the blue rose fabric won, but I was glad no curtains had to be made right away. I put off making curtains for as long as I could which was three days. The perk was I got to make the camper my office for the next couple of nights.

After Glitter Bug went to bed, the work began.

I did not sew the curtains. Instead I used double sided tape and hot glue and it worked! I was worried there was going to be needle and thread involved. Don’t get me wrong, I can sew I just don’t enjoy it as much as the next person.


So the basic things were done, just needed bedding. I was not against the idea of using bedding out of the house but would rather have bedding which is just for the camper. I didn’t want to go with dark bedding because we are basically staying in a giant tent. I found these great blue/green/tealish sheets at an outlet store and the quilt was a score from the clearance section from my local Wal-Mart.

Glitter Bug did want to use dark sheets and of course she  wanted to bring her own blanket from the house. She bought this blanket herself last winter and ALWAYS has it with her.

We also have a stove and sink in the camper which is amazing. The stove also can be moved outside to become an outside kitchen area. I wanted to get a rug to keep outside to keep the dirt and stuff out and found this lovely rug.

We are excited to keep taking Blue Rose out to different state parks. Have you ever had a stayed in a camper? Or you just tent camp? Or you a hotel stayer? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

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