Memories, Unbirthdays, and Love

You would have been sixty this past Saturday but you will forever be fifty-eight. It was a hard day not to think of what would you like and not go get it. Instead I pushed myself into my work and kept going. However Facebook reminded us it was your birthday. It was  sad but happy because it reminded of the good times with you.

Sometimes memories flood back which helps keep your memory alive. It is not always something on social media but just the everyday things. The one thing that never fails to remind me is your little lantern you bought to go camping with. You let us borrow it because we were going camping and didn’t have a light to use in the tent.  You didn’t get to use it  yet but wanted us to use it so we could be safe. Before I could return it, you got sick. Then it didn’t seem like such a big deal. Now every time we go camping, your lantern comes with us. In fact we just used it when the light went out during a storm. Simple little things. Of course the shirt which was made for the Cancer walk. I don’t wear it but  it is sitting in my closest and sometimes I just look at your picture.

I would have to say one of my top three favorite memories is you asking if I would like some coffee when we came over. The first time you asked me, I told you no I don’t like coffee. Your response was: “It’s not that you don’t like it, you are just not old enough.” So every time we came over and you had coffee (which was every time) you would ask me if I was old enough to have coffee yet. By the way, I am still not enough to have coffee.  The memory you are best known for is your love for God. You were a steady rock in your faith and didn’t waver. You were always happy to talk about your faith and share with anyone your love for God.  Another to memory is the way you welcomed the “extras” into your family. We weren’t daughter/son in-laws we were your kids. It was not marrying into the family but we all became one and were your and Linda’s kids. You and Linda loved us like your own and still do to this day. I can’t forget about Glitter Bug. I have  a folder with just pictures of you and her. It isn’t much because you were not much on having your picture taken. I will share the one that melts my heart and just happens to be her favorite one as well.

It has been two years and I have tried to write this post so many times. Every time ended in tears after a couple of sentences. This time there have been tears but mostly warm feels and  wonderful memories. I am thankful I got to be one of your daughters and promise to keep your memory alive for Glitter Bug.

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