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Lake Dardanelle and the Great Fish Escape

A couple of weeks ago we got to break away and go camping. This was the first time we were about to take Blue Rose (go check out the post about our new to us pop up camper) out just the three of us. With just the three of us the pop up camper was just the right size. We finally got a chance to go to Lake Dardanelle State Park after having to cancel once before when I broke my toe.

Now we had no idea besides fishing and swimming there was to do at this park. When we checked in at the Visitor Center, the exhibits were very cool. Of course, Glitter Bug went straight the fish ones and got very excited to see all the different fish. We spent a good half hour looking at all the fish and trying to figure out what each fish was. There is a screen with one of the tanks telling you the differences between each fish. We also stumbled up the bees they have beside the indoor outlook where you can watch the birds. Both sides were open where you could watch the bees working hard.  I thought it was neat that they had an up-close picture of the Queen. We got lucky and found the Queen bee of this hive.

As we turned to head to the camp site, Glitter Bug found the turtle exhibit. You are allowed to pick up the turtles if you stay over the water. This was fun to see Hubby and Glitter both get excited about playing with the turtles. We finally left to go get our home for the next couple of days set up.


Fishing was on tap for first thing in the morning before it got to too hot. No fishing for me, but Glitter Bug and Hubby were set to catch as many fish as they could. Glitter Bug was the first one to get a bite. I wish I had videoed her reaction. She was laid out just waiting and then all the sudden she got a fish to bite. She jumped up faster than I thought was possible on rocks and started freaking out because the fish almost snatched the pole out of her hands.


We got her to settle down and she started to work on getting the fish to shore. She kept telling us: “Grandpa says to keep the tip of the pole up. I have to keep it up.” I just about lost it laughing but managed to keep it together telling her to keep reeling the fish in. Finally, we get a glimpse of what kind of fish she is fighting and wouldn’t you know it was a good size catfish. Hubby reminded her to take your time so the fish won’t fight you. She told him to hurry up and get over to grab the fish and line. As he went to grab the line the fish gave one final jerk and was free. Glitter threw her pole down heading the grab the catfish only to have the fish flick his tail and swim out of reach. It wasn’t long after the great fish escape fishing was over and we were off to our next adventure.  However, that is another story for another time.

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