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Garvan Gardens: Holiday of Lights Edition

I know this is out of season but our adventures in Arkansas have kept us busy and I am learning to keep up with a schedule for this year. So bear with us and come take a trip to the Holiday of Lights at Garvan Gardens.

This year we made the decision to gift experiences instead of physical gifts. At first we were not sure how Glitter was going to take the idea but truthfully she was all in. She surprised us by saying she would rather have experiences instead of the gifts she may or may not use. She was given coupons to use through out the year. I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give her first present. Plus we wanted to do something to get in the mood of season. So we gave her a box stuffed with a bunch of little pieces of leftover wrapping paper with the first coupon mixed in. It was for a night at Garvan Gardens during the Holiday of Lights.

To say she was excited is an understatement! She asked us if we were serious about getting to go. This made me decide we need to focus more on spending time together and having some adventures instead of spending time at work. We told her yes, we are very serious about going and she picked Saturday. As I clicked on the website, all the tickets were gone for that day. So instead, she asked if we could go on Sunday. We snagged the tickets and just had to wait a couple of days.

We really had no clue what to expect but we knew we wanted to arrive as soon the gates opened at 4pm. It is a good thing we got there not long after the gates opened because the first parking lot/strip was nearly full and they were about to start parking in B group. The line to get in wasn’t too much of a wait. They really are prepared to have a lot of people coming through.

The decorations were full on from the beginning. The arch over the entrance was full of baubles, ornaments, and lights which gave you the feeling of stepping into another world.

All the christmas

There was still a little while before the sun set and we could get the full affect of the lights, but this allowed us to get our game plan together for getting to see everything.

Even though the Sun had not fully set the brightness of the lights were something to behold. Especially the balls of lights hanging down from the trees.
Lighted wall
The lighted wall pathway was much better after the darkness set in. This gives you an idea of what it looked like when it was still a little light out.
Blue lighted
This was close the end of the night and we were all tired. However, this hole reminded me of the Shire from Lord of the Rings.
Crystals in lights
These were amazing and called to me. Simply hung, they shined brightly through the noise of everything around it.

I could keep adding pictures but I would have to leave off the list of things you should take with you.

  1. Cash. They do take cards just about every where but we found using cash at the concession stand easier.
  2. Actual camera. This allowed me to get some better shots than with just my iPhone 8.
  3. Comfortable walking shoes. You will be walking for about two hours.
  4. Battery charger for phones. This came in handy because all three of us ended up using it due to the amount of pictures we took.
  5. A jacket/sweater and gloves. It is towards Winter and the weather is a bit unpredictable.

If you haven’t been during the Holiday of Lights, you should make plans to go later this year. This is on our list to do each year we are able to. Have you been or is it on your list to do this next season?

Until we meet next.

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