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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 18

On Week 18 of Focusing Through the lens, we are on another Winter walk around my house. When we can’t get out and get on hiking trails, we take the the woods around our house. This was a couple of weekends ago, I only had a Sunday off but the weather was so very nice, so off to the woods we went. Come take a virtual Winter walk through my lens.

Water in the trees
When we stumbled on this simple view, I knew this had to be shot. We have had a lot of rain and little ponds can be found all around us. This one had a green hue to it and reminded me of a quarry pond and a bit of swamp.
Fungi on a limb
Hubby jokes the way I will be kidnapped one day is by someone saying hey let’s go check out some fungus or camera equipment. I am not saying he is wrong but I will walk off paths into thickets to look at fungi. It amazes me how life continues even after life ends for parts of it. This limb had been cut off and left with a bunch of others in a pile. A few of the limbs had these lovely turkey tails growing on them. I found a bit of dry area and was able to get a view from the end of the limb. I challenge you to shoot your next picture from a view you normally wouldn’t take it from.
Door to another world
A couple of weeks ago I shared a picture similar to this one. The way trees intersect and make “doorways” never fails to make me smile. When I was younger, we had a place in the woods at my childhood home we called tree heaven. We had stumbled upon on it when we were playing in the woods. There were dead trees making walk ways, bridges to other trees and “doorways” every where. This was a special place because even though our parents knew where we were, they didn’t come to our haven. I am sure this has shaped my relationship with woods/trees especially the “doorways.”
Left behind feather
This was just a nice little find. We had been walking past this for a few minutes and Hubby finally saw this. The feather is very tiny which might explain why we missed it the first few times. After Hubby showed me, I noticed the heart on the end. Well, what looked like a heart to me. It was a magical find to be found just laying there in a decaying stump. Just a simple little piece of beauty.

Thank you for coming on this virtual walk with me. I can’t wait to hear what you enjoyed about our walk.

Until we next meet.

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