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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 19

Today we are going to be enjoying some water views on Focusing Through the Lens series. This Winter has been very mild compared to other Winters. Just recently we had a couple of 70 degree days and the water was calling. We answered the call and headed off.

Bright water
This is the Caddo River in Norman. If you haven’t heard of Norman Arkansas don’t worry, I would guess most people haven’t. The biggest draw would be library in town. The library is a tiny shotgun looking building. I haven’t had the chance to catch it open yet but this Summer we are going to try again. Back to the water! The Sun was shining bright and the light sparkled like stars across the waters surface.
This is another view of the Caddo River. As you can tell Spring is hinting it is just around the corner. This is going to be an unpopular view, but I am always sad to see Winter leave. There is something beautiful about the starkness of everything spending a little time growing on the inside, ready to come back out in the Spring.

Feet in the water
I couldn’t help myself and had to roll up my pants up and stick my feet in the river. Let’s just say even though the day was warm, the water was very brisk. It was a bit of shock which caused me to only able to stay in the water for a minute.
River in mountains
This was on a different trip but the water is the theme for this week. Glitter and I did a little hiking when we went to Petit Jean. She didn’t want to do a big hike but we manage a quick 20 minute hike. We were rewarded with this lovely view.

Thank you for walking by the water with us this week. Do you like wood hikes or water hikes?

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