Focusing Through the Lens: Week 5

Hey y’all! It has been a month since this series has started! I am so excited to share the next installment with y’all. This past week has been busy here. I am not going to share the pictures of the wedding I shot because they are being edited still and the couple have not seen them. Instead you will get to see other little moments I have captured.

old post
I am reminded every time we walk down our road everything old is not over. This post has been hanging out for the last nine years holding up a fence. With each passing season there it stands to remind me, time does move on but we can weather the storms life brings.
Blu on duty
Blu loves to be on the look out for anything coming down the road. Even though we live on a dead end dirt road full of family. Y’all even when he is whiny he is still my favorite dog.
part moon
This came about because I got a message that said hey moon come outside. With a little practice I was able to nab an okay shot of the moon. I think this has helped me talk Hubby into getting me a better lens.
Ripe Pear
I am going to be honest, this is from a few weeks ago. I had planned to share a photo of fallen trees but when I loaded it into the blog I found the picture didn’t turn out. I had a smudge on my lens and it caused the picture to not be in focus. However, this pear just had to be shared. The color was perfect indication it was ripe and ready to be picked.

I hope this past week was a good week for you. If you liked this week’s pictures please share this post and tell me which picture caught your attention.

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