Focusing Through the Lens: Week 6

Happy Wednesday y’all! We have made it to week Six. I have been experimenting with some photos taken at dusk but I still have a long way to go before they are ready to be shared. This week is also the week of 4 States Fair here in my area. I am hoping to grab a shot of the big Ferris wheel. Off to the photos we go!

This past week there was a full moon on Friday the 13th. The first few pictures were when the moon still had a orange haze to it. With the Autumn Equinox being 10 days after this full Moon, it is a Harvest Moon. These are my favorite Moons.

Did you ever play with Locust shells when you were a kid? My sisters and I would love finding them and sticking them to our shirts. We would make a game out of it and see how could find the most. When I found this one, I shared the story with Glitter and made her part of the shell wearing club.

Yarn is something I could play with everyday. The feel of the yarn through my fingers as I crochet to make something for someone. Or even to just relax making something new. This blanket is currently sitting in my living room waiting to be taken to the District Fair. The colors kept catching my eye and I wanted to snag a quick picture of how these colors worked together.

Yes this is a little blurry. I have been trying for the past two weeks to take a good picture of the barbed wire which Pop uses for his fences around the Hill. My big lens seems like it took a good picture but each time I upload the pictures, the wire is just slightly out of focus. So I tired to figure out why this little piece of wire has been grabbing my attention. It is just something used to help keep animals in a certain area. There is nothing special about and then it hit me. These are used to keep things in just like the fences/boundaries we all put on ourselves. We keep plugging along in our own little area and never growing. So I want to challenge you this week to take a little walk outside the fence. Grow a little and see what it looks like beyond your little area.

I hope you enjoyed our little journey this week and can’t wait to see which one is your favorite.

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