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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 4

This week you will see I have added a logo to my pictures. This week is also a collection of what came in focus through my lens this week. I can’t wait to share with y’all.

Alley Small town
We went to pick our niece up in Prescott, I saw this alley while sitting at the red light. Most of the different places I snap pictures seem to beg me to remember and share them.
Sunset with train
I have a thing for trees in a field alone. If you looked through my pictures, you would see so many. This is a good example of a normal evening here where I live. Our town was founded around the railroad and even today, the railroad has a role in our town by us having an Amtrak stop.
Large hay bales
This is a sign of Summer/early Fall here in the South. This time of the year, you are likely to see fields filled with hay waiting to cure in the sun. There is just something magical of field full of hay waiting to be used.
Sunset in a Sunflower field
So this picture is my favorite of this week. I have Glitter’s permission to post this picture. I saw on a Facebook group where someone who snapped a picture of Sunflowers in Ozan Arkansas. I know most of y’all have no clue where this town is, but it is about five miles from Historic Washington State Park, which is one of our favorite state parks. Glitter did a great job of having fun while I snapped a few pictures. I am learning how to take pictures of people and she is such a great help with this.

This is just a quick look into what came in focus through my lens this week. Do you have a favorite this week? Or one that screams Fall? Let’s hear about it!

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