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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 41

We are back again this week! Again, the pictures are of the snow we got to play in last week when there was so much! Around here, there was still snow on the ground when we left the house this morning even after a day in the 70s yesterday. Now that snow left was in the deep shadows and where the Sun really doesn’t reach. But for my little snow happy heart, I will take it! Grab your boots and some hot cocoa and see what in focusing through the lens this week.

Snow on dormant oak tree
Most people I know prefer Summer over Winter however to me, Winter has some amazing things to show off if you take the time to look. This lovely tree is a great example of finding amazing views no matter the season. The way the bare branches look like they are reaching out to show off just what the tree is without all the beauty of the leaves. It is like the tree is saying, a strong base is what helps it have beautiful leaves
Dog staring out across the snow
Blu the dog loved every minute of the snow. At first he was not sure of the snow but once he got into it, he couldn’t get enough. He loved to sniff in the snow and stare into the distance. His lovely color popped against the snow. I don’t know if he or Glitter loved the snow more.
snow on abandoned vehicles
My husband’s family have several old vehicles which have been sitting in a pasture for as long as I can remember. I like to photograph a couple of them during different seasons but this time, I went for more of wide view of them. Maybe you know someone who collects “junk” cars with the thoughts of fixing them up one day. The family have said this. In fact, just recently an old tractor left to a new home to be fixed up. I can’t wait to see some pictures of how it turns out.
This picture is a little dark but something about it shares peace and quiet. Maybe it is that with snow, everything tends to slow to a stop and the lack of noise is something special. I have a dream of moving out in the middle of nowhere away from the noise of traffic (we live close to the interstate). Of course snow would be a nice addition but not so much like we had this time. Have you experienced the snow where everything just got quiet? Did you think it was eerie or nice?

Thank you for coming along for another snowy walk to see what was focusing through the lens this week. Don’t forget to tell me what was your favorite picture this week in the comments! Until we next meet!

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