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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 40

This past week has been a little different than most weeks. To begin with, we had quite a bunch of snow hit us. This was combined with temperatures we have not seen in many years. So this week, Focusing through the Lens is brought to you from my home base. We were stationed at home for the greater part of the week. So let’s get our coats on, grab your warm boots, and let’s see what is focusing through the lens.

Man in snow
Hubby was not with us most of the week. He did get to spend a bit of Tuesday and Thursday with us. The rest of the time, he was working away. For a person who is not fond of the cold/snow, he joined right in with us. He and I got to take a few walks when everything was quiet due to the amount of snow which fell. Those peaceful walks with just us are a highlight for us both.

Dog chewing snow
Blu the dog at first was not sure about the snow and cold. His first steps were very tentative but then he was full tilt. As you can tell from this photo, he loved eating the snow and ice. I was able to capture him being so animated. At one point, he laid down in the snow and continued to chew on a good sized ice chunk. After a couple of minutes, I picked up the ice chunk and brought it inside for him to keep chewing. This being his first snow, he took to it like he had been in it all of his life.
Throwing snow
Glitter loved this snow but didn’t want to take any photos in it. So instead, I was able to snag a couple of action shots of her. Here she scooped an arm full and threw it up in the air to see what would happen. She found out it will come back in your face when there is wind blowing. After this shot, she jumped around and threw some snow but went in pretty quick. She would only spend about 10 minutes out in the snow at a time. I don’t have any pictures of this but one time Hubby watched her make a snow ball a little bit bigger than a softball and then procede to eat it bite by bite. Her favorite part was once the snow started melting and the ice was packed down. She spent a fair amount of time “skating” around the road.
Dog with snow on snout.
He we can see Blu with the snow all over his face. He seemed to like to stick his nose into the snow drifts and root around. Glitter is in the background gathering her snow for her throw you got to see last photo. Blu was staring at some birds playing in the snow. He found them very interesting because they were slower than they usually are. A couple of times, he thought he was fast enough to catch some. Have no fear, he was not fast enough.

If you got snow, I hope you got to go enjoy it a little, even if snow/cold are not your cup of tea. I have a few more photos to share of our snow week. Are you a snow fan? Summer more your jam? Tell me about it! Until next we meet.

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