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Focusing Through The Lens: Week 39

Hello dears! I have set a goal to keep my weekly series going this year. I am looking forward to sharing pictures with you each and every week. Yes, I know I am a little behind on posting the weekly series, but over the next week there will be more posts to make up up for the missing weeks. This week, we are going to Sugar Creek in the Ouachita National Forest. This place was suggested to me by my good friend Taylor. She has deep rich history with this place. In fact, her name sake, The House of Sugar Creek, comes from here. Go check her site out after we grab our wellies, a drink, and jackets. Let’s get out and see what is focusing through the lens this week. Make sure you look at the last picture. I saved the best for last, in my opinion. Let me know which is your favorite.

Sugar Creek one rock
Welcome to Sugar Creek. I was so excited to finally get a chance to get up here to see why my friend suggested we go here. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed one bit. We went a couple of weeks ago when it was very cold. Since it was in the middle of Winter, the one place we really wanted to go see was closed for Winter but this just means we will be going back. This piece of the creek was a little find right off the side of the road. Most of the road through this area is dirt and there are some rough patches. However, there is not a lot of traffic. We were able to pull on the side of the road and get out to explore this part. The rocks in this I thought were neat because they appear to be one rock bed wore down over the time and water. If the water wasn’t running as fast it was this day, I would have attempted to cross the creek. ( I never go exploring without my wellies(rubber boots).) Just listening to the creek rush across and down the rocks was so peaceful and amazing.
Heart rock
I have a knack of finding heart shaped rocks in special places we visit. This heart rock is my third one to find. The first one was when I was younger when we were visiting some of my parent’s friend in the Ozark Mountains. This one was resting right in the path down to the creek. When I found this heart rock, I knew this was going to be one of our special places. We left the rock there in hopes someone else will find this surprise.
Sugar Creek moss
Even though there is just a little creek area here, the lovely green moss growing on the rocks. This was just added beauty to the creek. The way the rocks have been carved into different grooves over the years. This everyday beauty is breath taking.
Sugar Creek
This is the lovely color/view/scene of Sugar Creek. This is my favorite picture of the creek. When Taylor was telling me about this place, this is what she described. Are you ready for a story time with this picture? We were driving through this area, enjoying the views. As we rounded the curve, I saw the bridge come into view. As we pulled up to the bridge, on a one lane road, I almost shouted stop! I hopped right out the car, and jumped on the bridge’s railing.(It was a concrete railing about 2/3 feet wide.) I overlooked the creek and really understood the draw this area had. The bright blue of the water to the deep green of moss made this place feel like it was a whole other world. This shot was worth standing in the cold wind on the side of bridge to see how the creek was so special.

Thank you for coming along with me to Sugar Creek. I can not wait to get go back up when it is warmer and dip some toes into the creek. Have you visited this area? Or do you want to now? Let me know in the comments which was your favorite picture and about the visit. Until next time my dears.

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