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Focusing Through The Lens: Week 32

Hey y’all! I know it has been a couple of weeks since our last adventure. I am deeply sorry about missing these last two weeks. My day job has jumped into full swing but hopefully it will swing back down into a lull. I have been going on mini adventures while being gone from online. So today let us celebrate this last little bit of Summer and go play in some water. Grab your river shoes (shoes you can wear in the water), a towel and let’s see what is focusing through the lens this week.

Tree in front of Water
This fern like tree/bush is the same kind that had that lovely flower from Week 27. As you can tell right behind it was part of a little place called Wolf Creek. It is in Antoine Arkansas which is about 15 minutes outside of Prescott Arkansas. This creek feeds into the Little Missouri River. The water is so cool, clear and clean.(Don’t worry we will be coming back to see more shots of this place in a post.) When Hubby took me there I was surprised to find this gem this close to us. I am still surprised by all that Southwest Arkansas has to offer.
Little Missouri River
Y’all look at this lovely water color!! And it is right here in Southwest Arkansas. The water this day had a green tint to it but about a week later the water had a muddy tint. It is part of the Little Missouri River but once you get right up to the water it is clear. Now once you get into the water and start moving around, there is a bit of dirt and mud stirred up but nothing major. To the right of this picture is a bridge which is “out” according to the sign. We were able to walk on the bridge to the other side and even went down what was once a road. We didn’t go far down the road due to other people riding 4 wheelers across the bridge to go riding. Plus I didn’t want to miss the sunset pictures from the bridge.
Sunset sitting on a bridge
Here is the sunset from the bridge which is named Bowen Bridge. When Hubby first brought me, I wasn’t too sure this is where we should be. However, when the road opened to a dirt parking area I was amazed how easy it was to get to the river. You can park and walk about 50 yards to be in the water. The bridge is a bit more of a walk but well worth it. Once on it, you can enjoy views from both sides and the sunset coming up the river with the trees framing everything. I was able to sit on the bridge and just enjoy the sound of the river and the sounds of Summer.
Sunset on Little Missouri River
Another Sunset on the Little Missouri River. This area was the first Hubby brought me to see. He grew up going to all these rivers and creeks and now we get to take Glitter. This can be accessed by pulling over on Hwy 195. There is a place were you can park and walk down to get the river but most times there will be people fishing or swimming. Just enjoying the sunset sitting on the rocks was fun. It is also on the way (one of many) to Bowen Bridge.

Southwest Arkansas has been showing out this last bit of Summer we have gotten to enjoy. The sounds of crickets, water and warm sunsets are slowing fading into memory. There are still a few weeks we will get to enjoy this however there are little signs of Fall creeping upon us. I have noticed a lot more leaves starting to make the change and fall into the water. The sunsets are getting earlier and earlier but we are still chasing them. As Fall comes on (hopefully more than a week this year), we will be coming back and photographing the river in all it’s Fall glory. Have you been enjoying the last of Summer? Played in any creeks/rivers? Let’s share our adventures together!

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