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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 31

Hey y’all! It is time again to see what in focusing through the lens for this week. If haven’t checked out the last 30 weeks, no worries. They are live on the blog and bear with me as I make some changes to the blog. I am going to be adding a few new things to make it easier for you to find the previous weeks. However, until those changes happen, here is a link to one of my favorites. So let’s get our comfy shoes on, grab a drink, and let’s get sharing.

storm barn
Sunday we went for a drive to enjoy a little family time. We just happened to catch a storm brewing as well. This little barn was tucked far off the road but the clouds building around it made the shot. We did end up hitting the rain but we just enjoyed the rain pelting our car. Plus it washed off the dirt for me!
barn with storm
I almost didn’t share this. Maybe you can see why or have no clue. What I see are all the flaws in this picture. I don’t see the crisp image I wanted. I see how I can make this better but didn’t. I see failure, but I also see trying. I see the beauty in the imperfection of this photo. I see the encouragement someone else needs. So remember, you may see all the flaws but some times someone needs to see this.
fall flowers
This is a little different. These are flowers from Michael’s craft store. I am not sure how many people know this but Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons. To me, it is like nature gets to show off her colors one last time before resting and regrouping for the next year. Also the cooler temps are a major plus. These caught my eye and I remembered some where on the web I had read about people doing photo shoots in craft stores. These would make a neat background. Also they would make a perfect wallpaper for your phone.
pumpkins and flowers
I could spend hours photographing things in craft stores. A dear friend of mine runs a blog called: Pumpkin Obsessed. She also has a Facebook page, Instagram, and soon to launch a couple of other things. I love to send her different pictures of Fall/Pumpkin stuff I find. This allows me to enjoy all this without the guilt of spending too much time. But seriously y’all, these burst of oranges, browns, yellows, and reds are amazing.

I am dreaming of Fall right now and lots of rain storms. The temps here have been hot and like most people I am ready for a break! Thank you for coming on our trip to see what is focusing through the lens this week. I am already working on next week and a little surprise for y’all. Until next time.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your photos. Even the imperfect ones. Watching your skills sharpen is exciting. Thanks for the shout out…and for always keeping full of content, my friend!! Love you lots.

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