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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 33

Here we are on week 33 of Focusing Through the Lens. Last weekend, Hubby and I were child free and decided to go on an adventure all by ourselves. We also wanted to go back to a rock/crystal store in Mt. Ida. On our way back I asked him to stop and go check out the brown sign. If you are not familiar with brown signs, don’t worry. Here in Arkansas there are brown signs on highways sharing interesting things to go see. So let’s grab our exploring shoes, water bottles and get going.

spider web on dead tree
The “ber” months are here finally and I am living my best life with them. I don’t think it is any secret the last four months of the year. Younger me never really appreciated the long hours of Sunlight but current me does. This is one thing I will miss in the upcoming months. However, not sweating as soon as I step outside will be amazing! So why this image I am sure you are wondering. Well to me it is a sign of the good things coming even though the long days of sunlight are leaving us. My birthday is a Fall one and this means spooky runs deep in my veins. So this lovely spider web in a dead tree is right up my alley. The definition of the web I was able to shot shocked me. You can see how the spider built this strong web.
Rocks with a door way
It has been a long stretch since I last posted rocks all by themselves. I asked Hubby to turn around and take me back to these lovelies. Do you see the “doorway” these rocks form? It was so neat to see this. There is a very narrow one just on the bottom right of this photo. The opening is big enough to maybe allow a cat to pass through. I will be the first to admit I had Hubby take a picture of me in the “doorway.” Standing there in the shade of the rocks made the hike out to them bearable since it felt like it was 95 degrees with the humidity.
Snake skin on rock
This was a great reminder we have to be careful while adventures out in the outdoors of Arkansas. A snake had shed its skin by the creek/spring we were playing in and around. I tend to forget to watch out for snakes. Hubby usually is on snake watch but this was a good reminder we all should be on the look out. Especially right now as the snakes are using all the warm sunlight to get ready for cooler temperatures.
Water fall Collier Spring
This is the money shot this week. Do you remember the Instagram post I shared earlier this week? Well this is one of the many pictures I took while standing in the creek. This place is called Collier Creek and don’t worry, I am already working on a post to share about what this little gem as to offer. I am so excited to share this lovely little spot. Okay, back to this little waterfall, this was just one of the many “waterfalls” in this area. I am saving a shot of most of them for the post. It is best to plan your visit while it is warm outside if you plan on getting into the water. I was very glad to have a blanket in the car when I finished. It warmed my legs right up. The water is clear where you can see the bottom. There was some sediment floating around once I got into the water and moved around. This could have been from all the rain we had been getting lately but still the water was amazing.

Thank you for coming along on our adventure this past weekend. If you are enjoying the Focusing Through the Lens series, I hope you will share with a friend or out on social. I want to take you also for showing up every week to check out what I love to do! Until next adventure!

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