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Dear Future Self: Remember The Pause of 2020

Dear Future Self,

Like most people who were alive during the Pause, you remember differently. All the news coverage, the abruptness of not going anywhere, the milestones which were celebrated well after they happened, or the strangeness of everything. You have the chance to remember the good, if you try.

Also like most, you were waiting for the “normal” to return. The freedom to move about however you want. Being able to go to the stores at all hours of the night. The restrictions to be removed as things improve. I don’t blame you. As I am writing this, I am wishing for almost the same thing.

Instead, I am wishing you will remember the time you got to spend with Glitter. No, it was not all a bed of roses and yes there were fights, but being around each other for days it is going to happen. Pause and try again. Life will change and she will grow up. You will miss this time.

Remember, GRACE. This is going to come in handy during this time and can help you. You don’t know what everyone else is going through. You can extend Grace without giving up your peace and you will need Grace during this time. No one is really by themselves, we were in this together.

Think of all the extra time you got to spend with Hubby. All the hiking, exploring, talking, and time spent together. This is going to be amazing for your marriage. Don’t let this time go to waste and cherish those times together.

Remember all the positivity? I hope you keep it going. All the positivity showed us no matter what, we are connected. The phrase: “social distancing” doesn’t mean you can’t connect with people. I hope you continue to reach out and connect with the people in your life. These times are going to show who are with you in spirit and not just in name. Cherish everyone in your life because who knows how long they will be there.

I hope you recall from the Pause, the way you were able to connect with yourself and figured out what is important and what is not. Hopefully you can figure out how to do what you want as a profession and take the leap to some degree. Slow down, breathe, and figure it out. Maybe the dream you have held close and shared with a selected few is the one you should share with more. Don’t be scared, leap to see where you will go. You have support, more than you think.

Above all, I hope you remember kindness. Kindness is something which will be needed in high demand during and after this time. You will need kindness more than once. It is a Pause not the new normal. Everyone has the chance to make the normal a better one and I hope you have taken the chance.


Alicia in the middle of the Pause.

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