Focus through the lens

Focusing Through the Lens: Week 12

This week is a bit of a hodge podge of pictures. We have been doing a little bit of adventuring around Arkansas. So come take a meandering trip through my lens.

This little guy was hanging out at Lake Dardanelle near one of the walking trails. At first I didn’t see him but Hubby pointed out, I nearly touched him. Not going to lie, there was a slight freak out but then I looked again. It looked like he was saying please look at my pretty color.
This little beauty was at a local Farmer’s Market. This market played host to a Pumpkin Patch for the season. We finally managed to make the trip to see what was offered. I can’t wait to share with y’all our little trip but you will have to wait a little while.
These pumpkins were at the patch. I just couldn’t wait to share one tiny peek at these gorgeous pumpkins. I have a soft spot for the different things and these green pumpkins are just the ticket. I will say one came home with me.
Of course hailing from Arkansas, you either learn to love Pine trees or you hate them. I have learned to love them. Especially while camping. It seems like every time we go camping, our site is surrounded by towering Pine trees. These were around our site at Lake Dardanelle reaching towards the sky. How do you feel about Pine trees?

I hope this winding trip through my lens as peaked your interest into This what I have planned coming up. I am excited to share about the pumpkin patch and also our camping trip.

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