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Beating the Winter Blahs

Beating the Winter Blahs is something we do every year. If you know me, Fall into deep Winter is my favorite time of the year. There is something about slowing down and going into rest mode which speaks to my soul. It does not speak to the other two in my family which means, we get out to do stuff and that also feeds my soul. 

I hope you will come on this journey with us as we explore more of the Natural state. You will see more shops, places to eat, some of our favorite places to visit. There will of course still be lots of photography because that is my passion and I know you enjoy what comes out of my lens. If you are missing some photography, you can always check out my Instagram page. 

Our first trip out we went chasing snow, which is not something we see much down here in Southwest Arkansas. I am hoping to get to chase snow again this year so I can get more practice taking snow pictures. 

A couple of years ago we went to The Little Grand Canyon here in Arkansas. 

As for our next trip, I am not sure where it will be or when we will be able to get away. We are planning on visiting waterfalls, do some digging for crystals again, go digging at the diamond mine at the Crater of Diamonds, Paris Arkansas, lots of local bookstores, and so much more. 

I would love to hear about your favorite places here in Arkansas. Favorite shop? Bookstore? Place to grab lunch? Coffee (for hubby. Bonus if it has tea and snacks for Glitter and I) shop? An unusual place to stay?  A must see place? A can’t miss event happening? Let me hear all about them! 

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