Beating the Winter Blahs: Cossatot Reefs Area

A couple of weeks ago, we packed up to head out on an adventure. None of us really had a place in mind so we got in the car and started to drive. This is our way of beating blahs and seeing more of what Arkansas has to offer. Hubby picked Mena since it has been almost a year since our last visit. Plus there is an independent used bookstore there. However not long after lunch our trip took a detour and we headed towards Cossatot Reefs Park. 

This was not a planned detour but rather one of those random ones. Here in Arkansas we have brown signs on the side of the road which tell you about campgrounds/local things to see. We have been known to follow them just to see what was at the end and we have found some amazing places. This time was no different. 

At first he was going to continue onto Mena but about 5 minutes down the road, he changed his mind and turned around. He said that he kept thinking about the Cossatot Reefs area. Since we didn’t really have a destination, he didn’t think I would mind. 

Water between rocks
Truthfully this was not at Cossatot Reefs area. This is part of the Cossatot River. It is off a dirt road we headed down looking for the main area. It looked so neat so we decided to go check it out. We could take our Outlander because it had been so dry plus the suv has all wheel drive. We parked the car and headed out to look around. Hubby and I ended up right up to where the river mixed with rocks. The way the sky was soaking into the water made for this lovely deep blue to the little pools of water. 
Bench looking at water
This bench is just off the path down by the Reefs. The campsites were just up from here. The little water spillway, in the background, can be heard in the campsites even before you can see it. It is so peaceful to sit on this bench to listen and watch the water as it flows. 
Boat stuck on rocks
This little gem is a bit odd. We were going to check out Gillham Lake which is super close to the Reefs area. The dam spillway is about 200 yards to the left of where this boat was left. You can also drive on the spillway and see the lake on one side and this on the other. 

Sometimes the best adventures are the ones which are off the beaten path. I can’t wait for a little bit warmer weather and bring you more adventures!

2 thoughts on “Beating the Winter Blahs: Cossatot Reefs Area

  1. Awesome place to camp, my family and I rent the pavilion for our Eater Egg hunt and for family events. Hope you get a chance to camp there sometime.

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