Focus through the lens

Focusing Through the Lens: Week 9

This past week has been full of sickness and spending time at home. This week I have a couple of pictures from other weeks but most are from this week.

This so Blu the dog. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen him a lot. He is my big baby and loves snuggles and climbing in my lap. We spent most of the weekend walking and allowing the Glitter to rest.
One of our many walks, this evening sunset was so pretty. I shot it on my iPhone 8. As the end of the year comes running towards us, our walks will be including lots of sunsets. This one is by way my favorite of last week.
Wanna know something neat? This is one of the walls in Glitter’s Doctor office. When I saw this wall, I knew I had to photograph it. It makes the perfect background for quotes. Plus it is in my color wheelhouse.
The one trip I made uptown this week, this Sunset was setting this window on fire. I have said it before but sometimes a story pops into my head. This story was about someone finding the perfect house and as they were walking around the Sun was setting the windows on fire and they knew they were home.

Next week, we will be taking a little trip here in Southwest Arkansas. I can’t wait for y’all to come on this trip with me.

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