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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 38

Well hello my dears! It appears the last time I posted was last year. How did time get away from me? Usually, I take two weeks off but the past year/couple of months have been a trying time for us all. Even though it has been a little while since I last posted, I have some Christmas/Winter themed photos for this week’s focusing through the lens. Let’s grab our jackets, gloves, and a hot drink to see what is focusing through the lens.

Wreath on brick
Even though in this picture the wreath looks sorta small, It is actually pretty big. This was on one of the museums in Historic Washington State Park. Evey year, they decorate the town in 19th century style Christmas. There are lots of wreaths, greenery, and natural items. This year was a little different for them. Their Christmas and Candle light was held outside but still brought people to see the hard work the staff did.
winter decorations
For someone who loves plants and nature, the Royston Log home was a highlight for me. The rest of the pictures are from there. There was such a simple joy of the theme of this home. This lovely bough captured my attention from the start. I must have taken twenty pictures from different angles. The beauty of the pop of color from the berries , to the texture the pinecones and finally to the puff the hydrangea provides. It works for decor for Christmas and for Winter.
window sills winter
The little wooden tree nestled in the cedar with the rag doll tucked into the corner sets a whole scene. I could see this as a historical photo of how it might be decorated in a child’s room. To modern standards it doesn’t look much but again the simplicity of the scene it sets, is what makes it neat to me.
natural winter decor
This one is the textures and depth for me with this natural things. The cedar branch reaches out to invite you into this. The hydrangea pulls your eye up the branch to the pinecone giving you some depth and sends your eye to the snowman. His mismatch buttons draws your gaze up the doll. These are some of the things I see when I take a picture. The way every little thing draws you in to bring it all together.

That is it for this week my dears! I am planning on keeping on a better schedule this year than 2020. I hope you will join me as we see what is focusing through the lens as this year unfolds. Until next time!

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