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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 36

Here we are at a new week. Late last week, I asked for help for places to go check out in Arkansas and I had some great recommendations. Plus a dear friend sent me an email of a list of places to go see. I am excited to go visit and share these places with y’all! However, this week we are staying in SW Arkansas since this was Glitter and myself’s first solo trip. So grab your jacket, comfy shoes and let’s see what is focusing through the lens this week.

Fall colored tree
Glitter and I had our first solo trip together to explore part of Arkansas. We both had no real clue where we would go but we got in the car and headed Northish. We ended up around Dierks. This was a Sunday so not much was open but we ended up around the Dam area. The water was rushing through the gate. The water was so high you could not sit on the benches or walk on the sidewalk beside the channel. We got as close as we could without getting sprayed by the water. Here is a link to the video I took.
Picnic table in water
I know this is an odd choice but hear me out. The day we went out was windy, a nip to the air and a gray sky. People were not all around which made it nice. So we found a pavilion which had a lovely swing beckoning us to come have a seat and just enjoy the water. The little sunlight, which was filtering through the clouds, shown a soft warm light on the swing. We sat there for a long while enjoying the time we got to spend together. We came up with stories why this picnic table was in the water. My favorite one was about how tired the table was after a long year of having people using it and just needed a little me time.
Fallen leaves
Even though we ended up at water, nature was giving us strong signals Fall was on its way. The nippy air was a huge hint but the fallen leaves was just another reminder. The way they showed up on the green grass was such a contrast, I just couldn’t help myself with this shot.
Golden grass with water in background
Finally this lovely thing. Or at least I think it is. I know the background is a little noisy but let me share why I love this shot. Glitter was running around taking her own photos and I was walking along on my own. I heard the rushing water long before I saw it. As I walked upon it, I noticed the grass moving in the breeze. I knew I wanted to take a picture of the seed heads and I squatted down to take the picture. I got one or two shots and then I hear the call of Glitter: “Momma! Where are you?” I stood back up and scared her. See, where I was along the bank, the grass had grown up and she couldn’t see me once I got low. I thought I had gotten low enough to get the dark background but I missed a bit. So even though I love the picture, it is a lesson to always double check and shoot again.

Thank you for taking this little trip with us. We had a blast enjoying our first solo trip and hoping you will join on us on many more we take. Which of the pictures this week grabbed your attention? Or is there something you would like to see in an upcoming post? Share with me in the comments!

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