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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 34

Welcome to Week 34 of Focusing Through the Lens! I am so excited to have you here. Are you ready for a trip through the water and forest? Grab your water shoes or boots (if it is cold) and let’s go see what is coming through the lens.

Shady Lake
This place has been on my list to visit for some time. It is in the Ouachita National Forest and called Shady Lake. We didn’t get to go to the lake part because there was a sign saying no water. This meant no bathrooms for us to take advantage of while we had our picnic. We didn’t feel like paying the $5 day use fee without water. Instead we held off on lunch for a little while and went down the road to find this lovely creek area on the Shady Lake Trail. As you can see in the background, the bridge we crossed to get to the trail. The road was very rough not paved which continued throughout the entire area.
Jack o lantern mushroom
Mushrooms are something I have always liked. My Daddy and I hunt together and for as many years as I can remember we point out mushrooms to each other. This has carried over to Hubby and I. We both joined a Facebook group, local to our state, and now every time we venture outdoors Hubby is mushroom hunting. This lovely is a Jack-o-Lantern or false chanterelle. It gets the name because of the bright orange color. Are you a mushroom finder or have an interest in them? Make sure you do you research on them for your area before picking any.
Stone building at Bard Springs
As we walked around Bard Springs Recreation Day Area (This area is only for day use even though at one time it was camping. However, the area is a flash flood area.), we found this stone building. I couldn’t figure out what it could have been used for once upon a time. The windows were open without any screens on them but they were high enough I couldn’t get a good look. It was warm and the red wasps were swarming around and I am allergic so I didn’t get too close. The doors were screwed on the frame to keep people out. The building fit with ease in this overgrown field which kept it from being out of place. Just to the left, there was a waterfall full of rushing noisy water.
Camera in water
This is my film camera I purchased from a local yard sale group. I started on film so many years ago and never forgot it. The waiting on the film to be developed, the waiting for it to come, and the joy of driving to the store to pick up the prints. Some would turn out and be amazing and then others would be a blurry mess you had no clue what is was suppose to be. When this little camera came up, I jumped at the chance. The first round of pictures didn’t turn out. I got a call saying all the prints were blank. I am hoping this time the film will not be ruined. This time I took pictures with both my Canon Rebel t6i and the film one. And then this rock was jutting out of the moving water and I thought this was a great shot. I wasn’t really worried about it getting wet. This is one of my favorite photos I have taken this year.

Thank you for coming on our trip through part of the Ouachita National Forest. This is somewhere we hope to go find more adventures since it is so big. There are a few places to camp primitive or with some electricity/water. Have you been here or have plans to visit? Did any of these pictures peak your interest? Let me know in the comments.

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