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Focusing Through the Lens: Week 28

Hey y’all! You ready for another walk/drive? I know I am posting this late/early but I want to say: I am going to do better about posting weekly. As I type this, next week’s pictures are loading to my computer. So this week we are going to focus through the lens on a Summer evening. Grab some water, some bug spray cause the mosquitos are out in full force, and your comfy shoes. Let’s take our weekly time together.

cow in pond
Down here in Southwest Arkansas, the humidity has us all seeking ways to cool off. Just about every weekend and most week days, you can find lots of people playing in the rivers and lakes around the state. These cows are no exception to trying to cool off. When we pulled off to the side of dirt road, the white faced cow turned towards us and started splashing. My thought was me too cow! It is hot and muggy!
Red Barn
This lovely barn has seen me through many years. It is located in Washington AR (Historic Washington) and I can’t tell you how many stories it and I have shared and how we have seen each other age. I spent 10 years working at the state park there and even though this barn is not part of the park. It is maintained by the Pioneer Washington Restoration Foundation Inc. They are a group of local and non local people who want to see the history of this area preserved. This little red barn has also seen so many families pictures taken with it and seen the same families grow and expanded. If these walls could talk, I am sure they would have a few tales to share.
Working Farm
There is just something about barns that scream Summer with the warm Sunset bathing the metal in the amazing golden light. Maybe it is the hay being put up for Winter, the shade it provides for livestock or a resting place for farm equipment. This farm on a random backroad also has a grain storage for some kind of feed/crop. The cows from the first picture are just off to the right of this photo. You can almost hear the hum of activity which goes on during these long warm days.
Sun setting on old Barn
Yup another barn. Hubby has been on the lookout for old barns for me. I am a sucker for a dirt road and an old barn. As he is out working, he makes mental notes of where we head the next adventure. He did not disappoint with this gem. I am not sure if this is in use anymore but the Sunset off to the right of this photo framed it is the lovely golden light as well. This was another evening we got out to spend time together as a family. We have been doing that much more since the virus hit our state. This allows us to be out and still away from people.

Do you like old barns? Or maybe you have a different idea of a Summer evening. I would love to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed this drive as Summer is passing quickly and I hope we have many more drives to enjoy together.

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