Focusing through the Lens: Week 15

Week 15? I know the week is off but y’all I have been spending more time with my little family. So we are going to start back on Week 15 and also change the format of this a little. I will be sharing photos and then a little about them at the end of the post. I may change it back but for now I am going to try this. I would love to hear which one you like better.

All these were taken in downtown Texarkana. I am starting to work on my portrait work. I am glad my Glitterbug doesn’t mind helping me out by being my model. Bless her as we spent about two hours taking pictures. As we got ready to leave, we saw the feather clouds with pink/orange sky. We pulled over and I was able to snap a few of the sky. I would say the feather sky is one of my favorite. I am hoping to order a print of it to hang in my hallway.

I hope you enjoyed this walk through the lens of my camera. Would you order a print of anything I have taken? Tell me in the comments.

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