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3 tips to keep you creating and not stalling.

As I sat down to write a new post I found myself stalling. Really, I wouldn’t say stalling but rather creating other things. Then I thought this really isn’t stalling but keeping my creative mind active and not burned out when I focus on one thing. Here are three tips to help you keep creating.

Read the Books.

I have a “to be read pile” bigger than I like to admit. For a long time, I put off reading because I had so much other things to do. However, I have found picking up a book on my list has helped my brain relax and come up with new ideas to share. Don’t forget to add some non fiction to your list. If you are looking for one go check out Slay Like a Mother by Katherine Wintsch. I just finished reading this with one of my book clubs and enjoyed it very much.

Go play on Pinterest.

This seems like a no duh one but when was the last time you just perused Pinterest for fun? I try to do this at least once a week. You can also go check out Pinsights to see what has been popular or trending the last month or what is the predicted trends for the year. This is how I found my new creative outlet of making envelopes and trying new stitches for crochet.

Go Read those Blogs.

Again this seems like of course you should be doing this already. I have a few blogs I love to read. If you are not sure about what you should be reading just Google what you are looking for and I am sure you can find it. (If there is a blog you read now drop a link in the comments!)

3 thoughts on “3 tips to keep you creating and not stalling.

  1. Great tips. I find myself reading more when I stall out. Currently going through this at the moment. I’m over halfway through my reading goal for the year. 😂

  2. Great list – simple yet powerful! I need to set aside more time for casual reading – I read to accomplish learning (non fiction buff here) yet not so much for relaxing. I love the blog manger by Mimi Thorsen. It’s magical. Abd Pinterest? Ohhhhhhh I play alllll the time on there!

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