Focusing Through the Lens: Week 2

Here we are at week 2 for the weekly feature. This past weekend, my husband was on call and Glitter spent the weekend with her cousin. This meant I was able to go with Hubby on calls. Of course my camera came along as well. So get ready to come see what is focusing through the lens of my camera.

Now this picture was on my social media because I couldn’t wait to share with y’all this gem I found right off the side of a dirt county road. I asked if anyone knew what it was and I had one friend get it.

This is oil pipe that was literally just sitting behind a chain link fence on the side of the dirt county road. I asked Hubby to turn around and let me grab a couple of photos.

rusted oil derrick
To continue the oil theme this week, this is frozen in time. Southwest Arkansas had a bit of an oil boom starting in the 1920s and ending in the early 2000s. There were about five counties here that help produce around 1.8 billion barrels during that time. (Encyclopedia of Arkansas online). This oil derrick has not seen action in a few years but it is still standing reminding us of the history from our little part of the state.

Old tube tvs under a carport
This was sitting in front of an abandoned house along one of the county dirt roads. We traveled close to 100 miles and these old tvs were stacked out and forgotten to be picked up. When I find things like this, I like to make up stories. This story goes along the line of: an older gentleman collects things and has a thought of fixing them up or re-purposing into something useful but time has gotten the best of this person. Just like it does to us all.

I know this is hard to read but it says: Clark Cemetery. This was tucked back into the woods again on a dirt county road. It looks like it has been forgotten and nature has started taking over again.

I was inspired to take these photos as a homage to what things can be found down a dirt road. You really don’t know what will be there and sometimes off the beaten path is just where you will find your inspiration.

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