Pizza Pasta Casserole

This week I hit a point where I had not clue what to cook for supper. (For people not from the South this is what might be called dinner or evening meal.) Stuck in grocery store trying to figure out something, I had the bright idea to call Hubby and have him check out my Pinterest board to try something new. Never again will I make this mistake! It took five phone calls and three texts later to get one which was Pizza Casserole. (Click the link!) 

Most meals cooked here has to do double duty by becoming lunch the next day to help us save some extra change for a family vacation. This means doubling most recipes which can be tricky especially when I forget how much I am buying. This happened to me this time. After about an hour walking around the store trying to find a signal to makes the calls and waiting on the texts, I was just about at my wits end.  When the text with the list arrived, quick as I could the ingredients were snatched up and off to home. Only when everything was laid out did I find there was not enough of some ingredients but there was no way I was going back to the store. So make sure you have the correct amount.

Sometimes you just want something yummy and new.

I did take some liberties with the recipe. Garlic and onion are a favorite in our family. Well, garlic is but Glitter Bug doesn’t really care for onions however, any chance available I slip things in she doesn’t like to expand her tastes such as onions and mushrooms.

Did you click the recipe?  Good,that is where you can get how to make the Pizza Casserole.  Mine doesn’t look anything like the original however, if the way it disappeared is any indication this will be something I will be cooking again. Some of the things I will be changing are adding a little more cheese to help bind it together since I made a double batch. Maybe add some green olives and fresh mushrooms. 

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