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Petit Jean State Park: Mini vacation

 So y’all ready to go on a picture vacation again?

    We knew we couldn’t go a week long vacation due to having a cat (Isabella), two fish (Name who is a Goldfish and Blue Jay Fish who is a blue beta fish), and a garden. Hubby and I decided a weekend mini vacation would be the best idea since we have already been taking day trips to show Glitter Bug what is around our part of the state.  This time we wanted to get out and show her more of the state and cross off something on the list we made when she was born. So Petit Jean was our destination.

     I had never been there before but Hubby had been. So he was ready to show us the park. One thing he said we had to do was the Cedar Falls Trail. When we started out about 9 am I was looking forward to it. I mean how hard could it be? Then there were signs telling you if you had health problems not to go. At this point I was thinking: I don’t think I can do this. I am out of shape and never done anything like this before. Hubby said it will be okay just take it easy. On the way down it wasn’t so bad but on the way back up I thought I was going to die! Y’all seriously I almost had Hubby go get rangers Next thing I know there was a very pregnant lady hiking up like it was no big deal. I knew then I had to finish the hike. No choice left but to finish this hike. By the time we finished the hike it was almost noon and we were all very tired. The rest of the day was spent sitting around camp doing nothing. Any more exploring was going to have to wait until the next day. 

Look at the size of the rock. Sorry for the quality, I was being a mountain goat. 

There were so many great pictures I was able to get. 

   We did all the normal tourist things. We hiked Cedar Falls, Bear Cave, Rock house, and Turtle Rock Trails. We went to all the overlooks, which are amazing!! 

One of the overlooks. 


The is from Cedar Falls Overlook. This is the only way I will be seeing Cedar Falls. 

Turtle Rocks!!

Hubby and Glitter Bug on Cedar Falls Trail.

Right behind Mather Lodge.

Daddy and Daughter loving the rocks.

A photographer in the making.

Arkansas River in the left hand side. 

I don’t think we will forgot this trip any time soon. It was wonderful park to visit. If you get the chance you should check it out. 




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