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Ornament Exchange 2016

For the last five years, I have been participating in the Arkansas Women Bloggers ornament exchange. Since our group is not just based in Arkansas, it has been opened to The Women Bloggers. When this was posted, I jumped at the chance to take part again.

Before I share about this year I would like to share my past ornaments I have been given. My first ornaments were from a blogger who is no longer blogging. When this box arrived at my house there was no clue to what was in there. However, the felt ornaments that came out where so cute.

The next year was star with the “A” in the middle surrounded by the polka dots. This jewel came from Jessica who blogs at Life with the Bauer Bunch .   The package arrived all wrapped up in matching paper. Now Jessica and I have become offline friends as well as our kids. This is also led to becoming friends with other bloggers. We get together as much as possible including what is turning into a yearly girl’s weekend.

Year three brought a ball of acorns to me, literally.  My exchange blogger lives in the same town and brought the ornament out to me while I was at work.  This one came in a cute red and green polka dot box. There was a note explaining the acorn caps came from their own place and how the little coffees were going to making their own ones. She still blogs here and she even wrote about the process of making my ornament.

Last year brought a different kind of ornament. I got placed with Momma Coffee again. She out did herself by making a reindeer out of twigs and a wine cork. Unfortunately, Glitter was helping getting Christmas ready this year and she broke the reindeer. Poor thing melted and felt very bad. I took this time to let her know no matter what happens as long as you are safe then that is what matters.

This year’s ornament arrived in the mail in a regular mail box but the box could not hint at what awaited inside. It arrived from Stephanie who is the founder of  The Women Bloggers. I have known her since she lived here at Historic Washington State Park. She has become a good friend. She doesn’t blog as much but you can find some great stories on her blog here.

Y’all, I was not expecting what came tumbling out of the box. There was not one ornament instead there were five different pieces. When I saw this one it became my favorite one.

This was on a shirt I got at Megaphone this past year and I wear this shirt a lot because it is how I want to be. The ornament was like a little reminder to keep this in mind.

Here are the other ornaments which were in the box.

This exchange has become of my favorite holiday traditions I take part of each year. I hope next year to share the new ornament to make its home on our little tree.

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