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DYI Christmas Fabric Canvas

I have been discovering or I should say rediscovering my love of crafting. It has been fun to diving back in and the best part is Glitter Bug has been finding out she loves to craft as well. We recently made Christmas fabric covered canvas. This is such a simple craft and doesn’t take forever.

Here is what you will need:

Canvas (whatever size you want)

Christmas Fabric



First you need to pick what fabric you want to use. I saw this blue and silver at my local store and knew it had to come with me. It is perfect because most of my Christmas decor is blue and silver. This goes all the way back to the first tree my Husband and I had together. We decided to go with our wedding colors and those colors have just stayed for the last 11 years.

How cute is this fabric? Those reindeer just make me swoon. 

I ironed the fabric to keep the lines out. The best way I found to cut this down to size was to lay on the wrong side of the fabric and cut a little extra. 

Much easier to work with. This is were I painted the front side of the canvas with mod podge to get the fabric to stick.

As you can see once you cut the fabric down, it is so easy to wrap around the canvas.

The final product turned out pretty good. I went with the 8 by 10 canvas because I plan on doing several to make a little holiday display.

Glitter Bug wanted to do one with me and picked out this fun gingerbread pattern. She has also decided to make one for our next door neighbor. (The only one who is not our family.)

Are you planning any crafts for this Holiday Season? Share in the comments!

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