Adventure Time: Stockyards of Ft. Worth Texas

It is not often I have adventures outside of Arkansas but it does happen. A couple of months ago, I went to see my friend Taylor in Texas. We ended up making a day/evening trip to Ft. Worth. So grab your adventure shoes, water and lets go!

I will be the first to admit, I did no research on Ft. Worth. I had no clue places I should go, eat at, or skip. However, this made the day a blank slate for us. (Bless my friend for dealing with me saying all the time: “I am good with anything.”)

Stock Yard Sign

We did the tourist thing of going to the Stockyards. If you haven’t been, you should go. We didn’t get make it in time to see either one of the daily cattle drives but one day, I will make it back. We did go and visit lots of the shops. One shop grabbed our attention because we are both tea drinkers. It is called The Spice & Tea Exchange. You can shop online too. There were two parts to the store (spices and then tea) and the tea side was my favorite side. Of course I had to get Glitter a t-shirt. I also opted to skip on the rodeo this time but will be back to see one.

Two women in front of moose

One thing which was offered was pictures with cows/horses and their owners who were rodeo people. I almost took a picture with a big long horn bull but passed due to the amount of people wanting to get one as well.

We also went inside of a couple of the hotels which are located in the stockyard areas.

One was called The Stockyard Hotel. It has been there for over a 100 years. The inside was very simple with a Western charm to it as you can tell from the photo below. I bet if the walls could tell their story it would be a good one.

Stock Yard Hotel
Inside Stock Yard Hotel

Another one was the Hotel Drover. It is a newer hotel which gets it name from the drovers who drove the long horn cows through Texas. Even for a newer hotel, they took a lot of time to make it look like it belongs in the Stockyard.

I will say even though we didn’t see everything, you could for sure make an entire afternoon experience in the Stockyards.

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