38th Year of Adventures: Putting my Pictures out there

So Today is the day! I teased you yesterday about doing 38 things that I have wanted to make happen and today is the perfect day to start it out since today is my birthday!

I want to start this off by sharing about how I started out in photography. I have always loved to take photographs but not be in them. I remember when I was little our neighbor had a Polaroid camera and we took some pictures with it. In fact, I still have two of the photos in my picture box. I was amazed by how with the click of a button, you can capture a moment forever on film.

As I grew older, disposable film cameras became popular. I can’t tell you how many I used over the years and how many photos did and didn’t come out. But the joy of pressing the button and waiting for the pictures is some close to Christmas day as a child.

When I got my first Digital camera, I thought this is the best I will have. However, since that first purchase, I have been able to own a few more and continue to grow in my learning of what makes a good photograph. I have also found I like to photograph the beauty in everyday life. This could be anything from flowers to cows to sunsets.

Finally, I wanted to share I have opened an Etsy store to sell my prints (for now). I have only opened it with a limited number of prints to see how this will go. Please go check it out and if you see one you might want to grab it. There will only be 8 offered at this time. I do have plans for a poster print of an old barn which should be added this week Here is the link. Don’t wait, get yours before they are gone.

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