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Spring in Full Swing

Spring has definitely sprung here in Arkansas. Every where you look flowers, bees, and of course gardening. I have been looking at what to plant and enjoying the see counter at my local farm store.

This is not all of the seeds they have. Just on the other side there are two smaller drawer cabinets full of seeds. My friend and I spent forever looking around trying to narrow our choices down to just a few. I am sure I got more than I needed right now.
We also found out the seed cabinet is running year round. When it is time to put in our fall garden I know where we will be going for seeds. A great other perk about the farm store is most of the seeds are heirloom!! This means I don’t have to buy the same seeds each year and Glitter Bug can grow  some yumminess.
The only draw back we have right now is our yard. Don’t get me wrong I love our place but the yard holds water and our Winter and Spring have been wet. The past couple of days have been the only ones were no muck boots are required to go out in the yard. So we have not had the chance to plant. I think we are looking into raised beds and container gardening. There is nothing like planting a seed knowing in a few weeks there will be something we can eat.
Also with Spring here Softball is happening in our house. Glitter Bug doesn’t care for much other sports than softball. This year she is wanting to practice more so most of my evenings look like this.
And we do have more chickens on our little farm. Currently we have “adults”, “teenagers”, and “babies”. The babies are for 4H all 17. With the new ones our total is up the 41. Having that many is a little stressful. They are all outside now so no more chickens in my living room. Here are the teenagers a couple of weeks ago.
What is your Spring looking like?

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