Last hurrah of Summer

A couple of  weekends ago we decided to send summer off with one last hurrah. With school starting, it was time to say goodbye to Summer. The best way I figured to send Summer off was to go visit a new Arkansas State Park. I will say we were not disappointed with our choice.

Hubby and I have been wanting to take Glitter Bug to Cossatot River State Park- Natural Area. We thought this would be a great park to visit because it is not far from us. Plus Glitter Bug LOVES rocks of all kinds and this park is full of them.

These two wouldn’t keep still long enough for a decent picture. G.B. wanted to study the sign instead of taking a picture.
Our next stop was to the visitor center to check out what the park had to offer.

This park is managed by both Arkansas State Parks and Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. Cossatot became a park in February of 1988. There are hiking trails and lots of rapids for people to enjoy. Most of the rapids are for experienced rafters. However, you can still climb rocks to see the river up close or even swim in certain places. Also offered are picnic tables by the swimming area.

This is where we found some people swimming. Doesn’t  the water look pretty? Plus look at those rocks! If you have a rock hound like me, then this is a must go place.

Daddy and Glitter Bug spent most of their time doing this and I spent most of our time enjoying all the memories being made.

This park is on our go back list. I can’t wait to see it in the fall. What Arkansas State Park have you been to lately?


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